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FIC’s Investment division is responsible for establishing new companies, arranging  for mergers and acquisitions and acquisition & managing of real estate investments.

FIC also performs all types of corporate finance functions, including research and advisory services.

At FIC, we pursue an investment strategy that emphasises active management of our investments based on methodical and comprehensive research.  FIC invests in companies which are industry leaders or demonstrate strong growth potential.  In such cases, FIC is able to exercise appropriate management control or simply offer strategic guidance as required in order to steer the new enterprise on the path to success.

FIC offers its customers superior private equity fund management services. A strong network of regional partners and an in-depth knowledge of real estate, energy, banking and education market sectors help it to deliver targeted solutions. FIC uses its extensive relationships and expertise to create investment portfolios in health care,investment banking sectors and various BOT projects.

  • Establishing New Companies
  • FIC works closely with strategic business partners as well as independently to establish new companies in various markets and selected industry sectors. FIC engages in all relevant due diligence and legal activities in order to process the necessary requirements in a timely and professional manner. FIC offers its investors opportunities to invest in these projects through providing structured investment funds and portfolios.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and corporate restructuring, which require specialist legal and market knowledge and experience, are becoming more popular in the Middle East. FIC has expertise and has a number investments in this field by providing advisory services to its clients.

  • Real Estate Investments
  • FIC actively focuses on real estate investments both in Kuwait and regionally, and has developed extensive knowledge of various property types, including commercial, industrial and residential. A highly experienced management team coupled with long-standing market knowledge and relevant relationships have made this field a highly successful venture for FIC.

  • Corporate Finance
  • The Corporate Finance team engages in various project activities related to development and infrastructure projects, which require a complex mix of sophisticated legal, financial, regulatory and management issues. FIC is one of a handful of companies in the region able to provide a comprehensive and professional range of corporate finance services to clients.

    FIC focuses on providing tailored solutions to meet financial objectives while minimising investment risks for its clients. Services include valuation, due diligence, structured financing, and placements.

    FIC consults with developers, legal experts,strategic development partners, government ministers and risk management experts on an ongoing basis to ensure the best business approach to projects. The company also applies best practice methodologies to evaluate projects and benchmark progress. 

  • Research & Advisory Services
  • FIC engages in comprehensive thorough market sector analysis and various feasibility studies to develop active investments and take advantages of available market opportunities.  
    The Advisory Services team provides support and legal advice to clients during mergers and acquisitions and during all strategic negotiations. 
    Equity research related services cater to public and private placement, market analysis, valuation and financing strategies and pricing mechanisms. 

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