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Assets Management

Customized Client Portfolios

FIC asset department provides equity asset management that is specifically tailored to its clients needs. Clients risk levels are combined with the clients objectives to provide a portfolio that meets the specific needs to its clients.

Asset Management Department

FIC’s Asset Management Department engages in portfolio management, providing one of the best specialized wealth management services to its clients

Fundamental and technical

Fundamental and technical screening of the markets and the leading stocks are performed periodically to provide our clients with the best available stocks for investments and trading purposes.

Our equity management activities are run by a team of professional investment managers.  Collectively, the team has among them a vast experience in local, regional and international markets
We actively seeks a balanced investment strategy and respond to changes in financial markets to meet our client risk tolerance and objectives .

We follow a professional approach to meet our Clients’ needs and requirements .Our products are tailored to our clients' investment style and risk tolerance.

Evaluating Islamic complied stocks in GCC countries is done on quarterly basis, as performance and financial reports are the main tools in the selection.    

Stable growth in earnings

Strong operating profits

Strong management team

Solid financial standing

Distribution of annual dividends

Attractive P/E levels


Portfolios are created on a basis that is corresponding with the client's expectations of returns with the risk associated ratio.

*Note: Geographical distribution based on market condition

Risk Level

Low Medium High
Stock 10% 15% 25%
Sector 20% 25-30% 35%
Market 25% 30-40% 60%

Above is an example of regional distribution for asset management.

Offers innovative investment solutions that meet the needs of our clients. 
Asset Management Department distributes investments in order to achieve the highest profitability and the least risk possible. 
•   The portfolios consists of long and short term investments.
•   Approximately 5% -15% liquid assets of total portfolio to be ready to capitalize on opportunities

The decision to buy or sell is based on technical analysis of the stock and its market.

Discretionary Portfolio 

Minimum Investment:

KWD 100,000

Annual Management Fees:


Plus annual incentive fees of 20% of the amount by which the annualized rate of return achieved by the portfolio exceeds 10%

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